The Silver Lake Art Collective

A Reservoir of Artistic Diversity in Los Angeles




 Griffith Park Landscape 6

36" x 48"

oil on canvas

David Dies


(323) 662-9534 / (323) 823-7500



My work is a mirror of what I think and feel. I paint and draw subject matter that has meaning to me and watch it appear, responding  to what the image suggests as it evolves. This I why I work, as a sort of in-the-present diary of who I am at that moment. The work may begin from a photograph, or from an object or scene at hand, but usually becomes a vision separate from the initial reference. They are is basically one expression of “how I see it,” “how I make it.” In painting, drawing, or mixed media, accident has a great role in my work; I go with what is suggested by what appears. The greatest joy in painting and drawing is the wonder that comes from the work, and the feeling that the image came from “outside” of my conscious, rational mind. Color sense is another process that comes from an intuitive feeling, that seem to work independently from deliberate, conscious effort. I try to work against the grain of my inclinations in order not to fall into the some old solutions. If I think I know what I’m doing I’m on the wrong track.