The Silver Lake Art Collective

A Reservoir of Artistic Diversity in Los Angeles

21"H x 7"W x 6"D
Fired clay stained with pigments, and mounted on a lava rock base
Peter Bodlaender

I hand build sculptures with clay coils and slabs and start with a rough idea about where we are headed. At first, the creative process moves with a life all of its own. Soon the navigation becomes more directed. Organic shapes take form and coherent structures with flowing, fluid, sensually curved contours emerge. The process tends towards an existential expression of being that explores below the surface realities, or perhaps, on a lighter side, a foot loose and flight of fancy free abstraction.

Recently I started exploring media beyond fired clay; lava rocks as building blocks for creating sculptures, and more recently concrete. I have also devoted efforts to learn mold making and cold casting techniques, While always attempting to learn and be in touch with the strength, idiosyncrasies and weaknesses of the particular medium, the over-all artistic objective remains the same: to make a connection between self, the medium, the artistic expression about our place in the universe and to always be on the alert not to be overwhelmed by the inevitable hiatus of corrosive uncertainty.