The Silver Lake Art Collective

A Reservoir of Artistic Diversity in Los Angeles

 American History No. 1

11" x 11"
chromogenic print
Ed Tillman

 My photographs are a struggle between the plan I have hatched in my head long before I press the shutter and my need to leave some of the image to chance. Although the idea (and a lot of planning) generally precede the image, I achieve randomness by working just outside my comfort zone, purposely not knowing exactly what I'm doing. I revel in the process and as much as I love my photographs, they are ultimately artifacts from the act of making real my ideas/plans. I think of them as bits of evidence; I was here, I tried this.

Above all, my photographs try to evoke memory and past emotion to make an image that connects with the here-and-now viewer -- an inner smile is always my meter of success. The ultimate goal is an image that is worthy of a frame and some wall space.